Professor Shoko
[[Professor Shoko|250px]]
Vital statistics
Kanji ショーコ博士
Romaji Shōko Hakase
Gender Female
Eyes Dark green
Hair Blue
Status Alive
Voice actor
Seiyuu Chiwa Saito
Professor Shoko overview
Professor Shoko (ショーコ博士) is a girl who is always wearing goggles and a white coat. She has an assistant named Fushimi.


Shoko looks like she's in her teens, though it appears that she's a grown adult as she was seen heavily drunk. She is always seen in a white lab coat with big, pointy lapels, a blue plaited skirt and a white shirt with a blue neck tie. She has blue hair which she keeps in pigtails. Shoko has two accessories that she treasures dearly - her goggles and remote control. Her goggles apparently give her enhanced cyborg-like vision. The remote control allows her to control almost everything in terms of technology in the Looking Glass City.



Abilities and PowersEdit



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