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The Youthful Youngest Child's Problems and the Beginning of the End
Kanji 若き三男の悩みと始まりと終わり
Romaji Wakaki Sannan no Nayami to Hajimari to Owari
Air Date November 6, 2013
Opening Koko
Ending Shissō Ginga
Episode Guide
The Second Child and her Wonderful Demons
Episode 006


Yakushimaru feels pent up over his past, even having an outburst at Koto. After getting some advice from Yakushimaru's girlfriend, Koto goes on a moped trip with him, explaining how A and Un are like the beginning and the end, reminding Yakushimaru of the words Myoe left him with. He then tells him that the black rabbit she is chasing is most likely his mother, offering to help her find it on the condition that once she does, she would kill him.


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